Auto Filters 101: Why & When You Need To Replace Your Car’s Air Filters?

Auto Filters 101: Why & When You Need To Replace Your Car's Air Filters?

When it comes to air filters, we usually think of them as associated with our indoor HVAC systems. But did you know there’s such a thing as auto air filters? And yes, it’s plural, which means there’s more than one filter integrated within your automobile.

If this has piqued your curiosity, stick along. Auffenburg Hyundai of Cape Girardeau will tell you about these filters in this blog.

How Many Air Filters are There In Your Car?

There are air filters in your car:

1. Cabin Air Filter

Just like your indoor HAVC filter, this filter is associated with the air conditioning in your vehicle. It ensures that no unnecessary particles and substances pass through the AC and cause a nuisance to the passengers. The clean air you enjoy while driving is the blessing of the cabin air filter that keeps all the harmful substances at bay.

2. Engine Air Filter

As evident from the name, this filter performs the duty of clarifying air sent to the engine. And if you’re hearing of it the first time, don’t be surprised. Your engine also needs clean air to ensure it performs at its best.

What Happens When Your Auto Air Filters Are Clogged?

Let’s tackle this question for each filter:

Cabin Air Filter

When your cabin air filter is clogged with all sorts of dirt, debris, and particles, they become clogged and fail to perform its job. Their main job is to filter the air, and failing to provide this results in various problems. For starters, your air conditioning will refuse to work correctly, depriving you of much-needed cold air. Furthermore, a damaged filter can let the particles seep through the opening and enter the cabin.

Engine Air Filter

The engine’s lack of filtered air affects its overall performance, resulting in increased gas mileage. Air, coupled with fuel, begins a combustion reaction letting your car forward when you step on the gas. Absence or lack of air forces the engine to work harder and draw more power. In consequence, not only do you lose efficiency, but it may damage your engine as well.

Why Replace Your Air Filters In Summer?

There are several reasons why you should get your air filters cleaned in summer or replaced if need be.

Pollen Count:

This is more troublesome for your cabin air filter and not so much for your engine air filter. However, the high pollen count during summers can clog any of your air filters. 

Dirt And Dust:

During summer, air filters face much wear and tear due to the increased amount of dirt and dust in the air.

Hotter Engine Temperatures:

Warmer temperatures put more strain on the engine as compared to cooler weather. When the air filter is clogged in summer, it puts additional stress on the engine as it has to work harder to draw air in.

End Note:

By now, you must be well-versed in how an unclean air filter in your car adversely affects your health and automobile. As you prepare your car for summer, don’t forget to give the air filter some attention. Get it replaced from a trusted source such as Auffenburg Hyundai of Cape Girardeau, serving Marble Hill, MO

We provide all kinds of Hyundai services, including air filter replacement and much more. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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